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#The Faster you go the greater the damage.

Speeding is a contributing cause to road crashes worldwide. Speeding is driving any amount over the posted speed limit or driving too fast for conditions (IIHS 2003; CCMTA 2008; NHTSA 2008).

There is very strong evidence to support the idea that speed affects crash risk. Specifically, as speed increases, so does the risk of being involved in a collision (Evans 2006; Aarts & van Schagen 2006; OECD 2006). Driver fatality risk, for example, is increased by 4-12% for every 1% increase in speed. This increase in driver fatality risk jumps to 10% with an increase of 25 km/h (Vanlaar et al. 2008). This is because at higher speeds the amount of time and distance that drivers have to react to change or avoid hazards is greatly reduced. For example, the distance needed to stop at 120 km/h is longer than the distance needed to stop at 100 km/h. As a consequence, at higher speeds drivers have less control and maneuverability (Vanlaar et al. 2008). 
Conversely, a 3% reduction in speed can reduce crash risk by 13% (Finch et al. 1994).

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The Faster You Go...The Greater The Damage

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